Winter on Bald Head Island: Keeping It Cozy

Winter on Bald Head Island: Keeping It Cozy

Posted on February 12, 2018

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The delights of spring, summer and fall on Bald Head Island are numerous and in many cases, rather obvious. But those who are strictly fair weather visitors might never discover the considerable joys of cozying up on Bald Head Island.

Notwithstanding an occasional spike into the mid 70s, the average high on the island this time of the year is in the 50s; the average low in the 30s. Think that’s too chilly for a getaway to Bald Head? Not if you loosen up your definition of beach weather, and layer up your clothing.

Light Up Your Life: Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

As effective at adding ambiance as they are at making frosty toes feel toasty, fireplaces are among the most desired features in island homes that see year-round use. As homebuilding trends have seen a huge surge in outdoor living spaces, fireplaces have begun taking center stage in elegant, open-air rooms.

Gather ’Round, Everyone: Backyard Fire Pits

Usually less elaborate than a full-on fireplace, fire pits are an extremely popular alternative. With their 360-degree access to the flames, these typically simple additions make conversation easy and marshmallow roasting effortless.

See the handsome incorporation of a custom fire pit in this Southern Living Idea home in Cape Fear Station.

Beach Blankets, Redefined

Chances are you won’t be spreading them out on the sand in January, but you will want to keep a stack of blankets handy all the same. You’ll want some for snuggling up on the sofa, and others to wrap up in should you decide to take your coffee or cocktails to the porch. Keep a few more on the golf cart, as most are not heated and an extra layer is welcome.

Exercise Your Options

Once you get moving, you might even find a slight chill invigorating. Golf and tennis are usually ideal pursuits in this weather, as are long walks and bike rides throughout the island.

The Up Side of Downtime

Here’s another seasonal plus: your get-up-and-go is free to take a guilt-free respite. When the weather is warm, the urge to get outside and seize the day is strong. But when it gets dark early, curling up with a hot beverage and a good book just might be the perfect way to pass the day.

The Price Is Right, Too

The winter months aren’t just the coziest on Bald Head Island; they are also the most economical. Take a look at off-season vacation rentals in all of the island environments and find out what our year-round residents already know:

It’s not hard to warm up to winter on Bald Head.


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