The Lowdown on the Highlights of This Year’s Haven

The Lowdown on the Highlights of This Year’s Haven

Posted on May 9, 2019

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The latest issue of Bald Head Island Limited’s annual lifestyle magazine, Haven, recently hit the streets. While each issue is a true labor of love, we on the editorial staff agree this current iteration is one of our favorites.

For the first time ever, we featured black and white photography on the cover. It may seem an odd choice for a place so beautifully painted in nature’s hues, but it all began with a photo essay celebrating the island’s perpetual summer state of mind. Starting on page 10, these ten pages serve as an introduction to the island, and we were so captivated by the inherent drama and sophistication of black and white photography, we made the call to carry it onto the cover.

Inside, you’ll find articles covering our consistent themes—such as architecture, activities, dining, shopping and more—as well as a Bald Head Island timeline spanning four pages and nearly four hundred years of history. It’s a fascinating look at the island and will help you understand how the past shaped the place we love and appreciate today.

Art: It’s All in the Family

One feature you shouldn’t—and at nine pages, probably can’t—miss is our Meet the Neighbors article on The Weavers. This story profiles three generations of a Bald Head Island family, led by artist Prudy Weaver and her husband Lee, long-time property owners and partial-year residents. Their five sons and 14 grandchildren adore spending time on the island, including doing their own family art camp. You can also watch another of the grandchildren’s creative pursuits, a highly entertaining video of their 2018 BHI week.

If you haven’t yet seen the 2019 issue of Haven, you can view it digitally, or request a copy to be mailed.




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