Sunset Celebration Gives Rise To New Family Tradition on Bald Head Island

Sunset Celebration Gives Rise To New Family Tradition on Bald Head Island

Posted on June 1, 2018

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Bald Head Island is big on traditions. We pay homage to traditional seaside pastimes, like beachcombing, fishing and crabbing. We gather for family traditions, with all generations coming together season after season, year after year. And we hold distinctively Bald Head Island traditions, first and foremost the July 4th Golf Cart Parade and the BHI Club’s Gala in White.

While traditions are often rooted in the past, there is no reason people can’t start a new one… anytime, anywhere.

Island resident and business owner Harper Peterson, whose own history on the island spans more than three decades, took that thought and ran with it when he started Sunset Celebration in 2013.

“It really grew out of the intrinsic nature of Bald Head Island,” said Peterson. “If you like a getaway and you want to spend time with your family, just relaxing and getting to know one another, this is a great place to go. Sunset Celebration is a way of gathering together to celebrate all of that: family, nature, the sense of escape. People are looking for a way to interact and connect. We just provide a place for that to happen.”

Y’all Come

Co-sponsored by Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales and two of Peterson’s businesses, Delphina Cantina and Riverside Adventure, Sunset Celebration is a free evening of fun for the entire family. Weather permitting, every Monday from June 4 through September 3, residents and visitors will gather around a bonfire at access #5 on West Beach, and enjoy live music, dance contests, games, s’mores and more. You might catch a puppet show, or two pirates in a swordfight, which marks the beginning of the evening’s Ghost Walk. Be alert: juggling, face painting or a drum circle might break out at any minute.

While a relatively new event, it’s a throwback to good, old-fashioned family fun. You’ll see people of all ages, often accompanied by dogs of all breeds. As the sun sets over the Cape Fear River, and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, the golden light reflects back the warmth of people gathering in community, celebrating the end of another wonder-filled day in a magical place.

See you there.

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