The Hammocks

Make your island dream a reality.

Just a short cart ride from the ocean lies an extraordinary shared ownership neighborhood called The Hammocks. Hammocks owners enjoy four weeks in their home every year, along with membership privileges in the Bald Head Island Club, Shoals Club, and on-site Hammocks Club.

At The Hammocks, all home maintenance and landscaping are handled for you, making your time on the island completely your own. When you own a Hammocks home, you may also join a vacation home exchange program offered through Interval International, allowing you to trade vacation time on the island for use of other vacation homes around the world. Both new and resale Hammocks homes are available through Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales.

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Discover how easy fractional ownership can be

Unlike traditional timeshare and vacation clubs, The Hammocks neighborhood provides the opportunity for a limited number of individuals to share ownership in a beautifully furnished and richly appointed home. Here, you’ll be an equity owner in actual real estate, not just time. Your 1/13th deeded interest can be sold, willed or gifted. As an alternative to renting accommodations, your Hammocks home is an asset that you and your family can enjoy for generations.

Instead of paying for more leisure time than you can use, you can spend four weeklong vacations in your home year after year (one in every season) in perpetuity with fractional ownership.

Two- and three-bedroom fully furnished Hammocks homes start at less than $50,000 – a fraction of the price you’d pay for full ownership of a similar quality home on Bald Head Island.

As a Hammocks owner, you will receive:

  • Complete maintenance of your home, including upkeep of the exterior and interior, replacement of furnishings and landscaping of common areas.
  • Professional property management provided by an on-site Owner Services Coordinator who is committed to making sure your vacation is enjoyable.
  • Housekeeping services before and after your visit.
  • Lease and maintenance of a golf cart.
  • Club membership privileges for guests staying in your Hammocks home.
  • Flexibility to exchange your time with other Hammocks owners.
  • The option to trade your time for vacation time in other properties around the world through Interval International’s Quality Vacation Exchange Network.

How does this real estate offering differ from traditional second home ownership?
Rather than one owner purchasing whole ownership of a home, thirteen individual fractional interests are sold for each home in The Hammocks.

Do I receive a deed for my home in The Hammocks?
Yes. At closing you will receive a real estate deed for the vested co-ownership interest in your Hammocks home, which is recorded and guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Your Hammocks ownership can be sold, willed, gifted or traded.

How often can I use my home?
Each owner enjoys 7 consecutive nights of use in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons for a total of four weeks a year. Each year owners’ weeks will move forward one week, ensuring that all owners will receive an equal opportunity to vacation at The Hammocks during different times of the year and during various holidays.

How many homes are there in The Hammocks?
The Hammocks neighborhood has 23 homes.

Do property owners pay fees or dues?
Yes. Property Owners pay quarterly dues to The Hammocks Association, Inc. These dues pay for all maintenance and upkeep of your individual property, insurance, property tax, Bald Head Island Club membership dues, Shoals Club membership dues, operation and maintenance of the Hammocks clubhouse, landscaping of common areas, lease and maintenance of a golf cart, all utilities, housekeeping services, property management, and a replacement reserve fund to cover upkeep of exteriors, interiors and replacement of furnishings.

Who establishes The Hammocks Association fees and controls The Hammocks Association, Inc.?
The Hammocks Association is led by a Board of Directors elected by property owners. The Board establishes budgets and association fees on an annual basis.

Can Property Owners loan or rent their Hammocks home to family or friends?
Yes. Property Owners may loan or rent their Hammocks home to anyone they choose during their reserved weeks.

Can Hammocks property owners exchange their weeks with other property owners?
Yes. For the convenience of Hammocks owners, week exchanges with other Hammocks owners may be easily arranged through Property Management.

Can Hammocks property owners use the Hammocks Clubhouse, Bald Head Island Club and Shoals Club facilities if they are not staying in their home?
Yes. Hammocks property owners may use the Hammocks Clubhouse, Bald Head Island Club and Shoals Club facilities and common areas even when they are not staying in their home.

Can Hammocks homeowners exchange use of their home for use of other vacation homes?
Yes. Hammocks homeowners have the option of participating in a Quality Vacation Exchange Network with Interval International that allows them to trade use of their home for use of other accommodations at nearly 2,900 destinations worldwide.

Who coordinates reservations, check-in/check-out, and owner services for The Hammocks?
A Hammocks General Manager/Owner Services Coordinator oversees check-in/check-out and offers a variety of on-island services such as reserving tee times, making dinner reservations, and arranging equipment rentals.

Who determines how The Hammocks are managed?
An elected Hammocks Association Board of Directors, in accordance with governing documents, determines how The Hammocks are managed.

Can accompanied and unaccompanied guests of Hammocks owners use the Hammocks Club?
Yes. As long as they are staying in a Hammocks home, guests of Hammocks owners have complete access to all Hammocks Club amenities and facilities.

Can accompanied and unaccompanied guests of Hammocks owners use the Bald Head Island Club and the Shoals Club?
Yes. Guests of Hammocks owners may request a temporary membership in the Bald Head Island Club and/or the Shoals Club while they are staying in a Hammocks home, allowing complete access to the amenities and facilities of both clubs.

If you have other questions about The Hammocks on Bald Head Island, please call Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales at 800-331-6612 or email

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