Landscaping on Bald Head Island: It’s Only Natural.

While Bald Head Island appeals to so many people for so many reasons, its most universal appeal is clearly its natural beauty.

As opposed to the cleared and manicured approach to landscaping that one finds in many seaside resorts, a large portion of Bald Head Island has been left in its wild state, with thoughtful guidelines in place to help keep it that way. For example, guidelines restrict (and often prohibit) homeowners from adding or removing native vegetation from their property.

More than an aesthetic concern, the native vegetation is the very foundation of island protection and stabilization. Without it, the island’s sand would be blown away by the wind, or washed away by the rains. Furthermore, the underbrush protects plants, trees and their root structures from salt intrusion, which can kill the vegetation. If the plants die, the dunes may erode, leaving the entire island—including its homes and other structures— vulnerable to sea wash and winds.

That same understory is also an important habitat for Bald Head Island’s songbirds and other wildlife. Clearing it removes their protection, and replacing it with non-native vegetation removes important food sources for these inhabitants.

Whether you come to Bald Head Island as a visitor or a homeowner, take time to appreciate what is there. And what isn’t. When you realize the lush maritime forest and rolling sand dunes are more than breathtaking scenery, they are a source of her strength, you’ll come to see the island for what she truly is:

A rare, natural beauty.

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