Making the Most of a Vacation Home

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If you’re considering purchasing a vacation home on Bald Head Island, check out these tips for maximizing your island time.

Set Your Sites

First, choose which environment suits you best.

If you are a beach bum, Bald Head Island has 14 miles of sandy strand to serve as your playground.

More at home among the trees? The ancient maritime forest has homes along its periphery that are deeply shaded and extremely enchanting.

Do you like to drop a line, dip a net, or paddle a craft of any kind? The tidal creeks and salt marsh stretching for acres are beckoning you.

If you’re a boater—power or sail, it doesn’t matter—you’ll definitely want to check out Harbour Village. It’s anchored by a beautiful, full-service marina, and surrounded by a charming village of lovely homes, quaint shops and delectable restaurants.

Homes in these environments are often custom-designed for each site, with views and recreational opportunities in mind. And if you’re building anywhere on the island, you’ll want to consider things like plentiful porches, an outdoor shower and an oversized mudroom that might be more aptly called a sand room. There you can stash the beach toys and chairs, sunscreen and towels between outings.

Just the Right Size

Home size on Bald Head Island ranges from cozy little cottages to grand seaside estates. And each has its charms.

Depending on the size of your family, and friends who are like family, you may want plenty of bedrooms and an oversized dining table.

Or maybe downsizing and simplifying is more your style. Many architects and homeowners make creative use of space by having a guest room that doubles as a TV room, or a sleeping porch that often turns out to be the most sought-after room in (and outside of) the house.

Time and Time Again

To really make the most of your Bald Head Island home, plan to be here as much as possible. The freedom and flexibility to come and go as you please is the beauty of having a second home.

And because of the temperate climate, the island is really delightful in all four seasons.

Give and Receive

Can’t get here sometimes? Allowing family members and friends to use your home is one of the joys that comes with home ownership—and it doesn’t hurt your popularity one bit!

Finally, putting your home on our rental program is a great way to help finance your purchase. We have a great rate of occupancy, and an excellent reputation for service to our homeowners as well as renters. Learn more here.















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