Exercising on Bald Head Island: Think Outside the Gym

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Want to get a good workout in while you’re on Bald Head Island? No sweat.

Both the Bald Head Island Club and the Shoals Club have full fitness centers offering a range of cardio and weightlifting equipment, available to both full and temporary members. As nice as these facilities are, however, the most impressive exercise setting requires no membership at all—not even walls and a roof.

On Bald Head Island, the natural beauty of the island beckons you to channel your inner child and go outside to play. How you answer that call is up to you, but here are some options for getting your steps in while enjoying the great outdoors.

Mini Triathlon: As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Up for a run, bike or swim? Bald Head Island is tailor-made for all of these activities.

The wide, even roads and wynds are perfect for cycling and jogging, presenting you with many stunning changes of scenery along the way. Select a route that takes you along the beach, through the forest, beside the marsh and/or around the harbor.

Both aforementioned clubs have lovely swimming pools that are marked for laps, making those options very appealing. For a saltwater swim, the island offers an abundance of shoreline that wraps from east to south to west, which means you can nearly always find a beach that is protected from the wind and waves.

Walk This Way

Without a doubt, walking is the most popular form of exercise island-wide. Take a hike in the forest or a stroll on the sand. Walk up to the market for groceries, or down to the harbor for lunch. And don’t forget to meander out to the Point of Cape Fear. There you’ll find an ever-changing sandbar that marks the southern-most cape in the state.

A bonus: Just standing there looking out over the expanse will get your heart rate up.

Surf’s Up

Also thanks to the wraparound beaches, Bald Head Island presents a range of surfing conditions at any given moment. Check the wind and waves for each location before you venture out on a surfboard, boogie board or standup paddleboard. Kowabunga!

Up the Creek

Maybe taking that paddleboard into the creek is more your style, or perhaps you’d rather launch a kayak or canoe. A lovely serpentine creek winds through the salt marsh, presenting an extremely picturesque paddle. You’ll certainly see a variety of beautiful birds along the way and gain a gorgeous perspective of Old Baldy Lighthouse.

Tennis or Pickleball, Anyone?

Take to the courts at the Bald Head Island Club for some friendly tennis or pickleball competition, or sign up for a clinic or social play. The courts are right beside the recently opened Aquatics Center, so taking a dip in the pools or having a post-match cocktail or meal is quite convenient.

Golf, Of Course

The centerpiece of the Bald Head Island Club is a golf course that is absolutely stunning and highly rated. It’s also exceptionally walk-able.

Many avid players forgo a cart and choose to stroll the course. In addition to quality golf, players enjoy the gorgeous scenery and frequent wildlife sightings.

DIY Boot Camp

Those with a bit of calisthenics knowledge and/or boot camp experience will find the island presents fun and creative ways to stay fit. Find a low-hanging limb for pull-ups, do intermittent squats on your walk or run, and use a bench or a tree stump for tricep dips. Just incorporate the great outdoors into your wellness routine as you wish, and you’ll find the challenge an exercise in ingenuity, as well.

Explore More

Bald Head Island tends to encourage a sense of adventure. Whether that means wandering down a forest path to see where it takes you, or wandering in and out of open houses to see what’s on the market, you can find plenty to do inside and out.

So lace up your sneakers and exercise your options. See you out there!

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