BHI’s Monthly Howl at The Moon Party: An Ahhh-Inspiring Event

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The sight of a full moon rising out the ocean just does something to us.

You may gasp, or simply say ahhh. You might find yourself speechless at the peace and power of the moment. You’ll likely even pull out your phone and attempt to capture its splendor with your camera—an exercise in futility, to be sure.

Or, if you’re like hundreds of Bald Head Island locals and visitors, you’ll raise a glass and join in a collective howl just as the full moon breaks above the horizon.

Since January of 2011, the Maritime Market has been hosting a monthly Howl at the Moon party at Access 39 on East Beach. Hundreds of people gather for the come-one, come-all free event. It’s BYOB and an appetizer to share, with Chef Marc of the Maritime Market providing the main feature: a huge pot of delicious soup for the crowd.

Weather and wind permitting, the event also usually includes a bonfire, and often a bagpiper playing Celtic tunes to add to the other-worldly ambiance.

The next Howl party will be this Sunday, February 9, from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m. This gathering promises to be even more spectacular as it’s a “super moon” month, meaning the moon appears larger than normal due to a closer approach to Earth. Sunset is at 5:50; moonrise is at 6:26.

So come on out and let your howl be heard!

Why Do Wolves Howl at a Full Moon?

The short answer is: They don’t.

Canine experts agree that, while howling may often be heard at night, it’s largely because wolves are nocturnal, social creatures who are awake and trying to communicate.

The Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute website says there is no correlation between phases of the moon and wolves howling. Instead, wolves howl as a social rallying cry, or as a call to join the hunt. Some wolves may howl to express dominion over their territory, while others might be calling for help. The site says that wolves have distinct, individual howls that can be heard by other wolves as many as six or seven miles away.

So while wolves may not howl at a full moon, hundreds of people on Bald Head Island certainly do.


Well, some might say wanting to call a pack of like-minded individuals together is just human nature.

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