Take A Selfie-Guided Tour of Bald Head Island

Picture yourself in the most stunning and iconic spots on Bald Head Island. Literally.

We’ve compiled our top ten most selfie-worthy locations for you, but there are others around every corner. Check out these and add your own. We’d love to see your shots, so please share them on social media using the hashtag: #bhiselfie. You’re sure to rack up the likes, starting with ours.

Old Baldy Lighthouse

The best long view of the 1817 sentinel is from the bridge that crosses the marsh near the marina. Pose along the railing and get both the stately structure and the majestic marsh in the background. If you’d rather get the up-close-and-personal angle, stand right in front of the lighthouse holding the camera low to capture her height.

Cape Fear Point

It’s not easy to capture the beauty of this geographic phenomenon. Stand ankle deep at the point where the ocean rolls in from two different directions. Be aware of the tide and the sea spray, and try taking shots at various times of the day. The position of the point, as well as the dramatic lighting, will shift considerably as the hours pass.

The Timmons Oak

Park your golf cart or bike at the entrance to the trail and take a very short hike to visit one of the island’s oldest residents. Estimated to be several hundred years old, the Timmons Oak has a large hollow area at its base, making for a cozy spot to tuck inside for a unique photo setting.

The Harbor Entrance

Talk about making a great first impression. The Bald Head Island Harbor is extremely photogenic, from the entrance to the marina to the boats bobbing in their slips. Take a selfie just as the ferry is arriving, with its flags flying and passengers waving. Or get a group together for a pic in front of the giant BHI emblem at the marina entrance.

The Common at Cape Fear Station

It’s a sprawling public green at the east end of the island, anchoring the signature neighborhoods of Cape Fear Station and its Southern Living Inspired Community. There are numerous spots here worthy of posting, including in the gazebo and on top of the tower. Or just spread out a picnic blanket and capture your toast to simple pleasures.

The Marsh

The north side of Bald Head Island is comprised largely of a vast salt marsh with serpentine creeks winding through golden grasses. Consider a selfie in a kayak or, if you’re especially sure-footed, on a standup paddleboard. If you prefer terra firma, walk out on the long pier that extends from the M. Kent Mitchell Nature Trail. You can get a gorgeous shot in almost any direction.

The Golf Course

If you’re a golfer, be sure to pose at the tee box of the 16th hole, the most picturesque of all. Capture the course and the ocean in the background, all in one shot. Not a golfer? Not to worry. You can still stop along Stede Bonnet Wynd and snap a shot with the fairway in the background.

The Maritime Forest/Federal Road

A cozy canopy of ancient trees creates a tunnel-like passageway down a long stretch of Federal Road, the island’s main interior byway. The opening at the end of the road feels very much like the light at the end of a tunnel. It’s not the easiest shot to capture, but when you do, it’s magical.

The Bald Head Island Club

The new aquatics park at the BHI Club is impressive. There are so many places to play in the water, including fountains that shoot into the air. That backdrop will convey the fun, but you’ll want a water-resistant camera to be safe.

The Shoals Club

Once you have taken a picture at the point of Cape Fear, go on up to the Shoals Club, provided you are a member or temporary member. The gazebo on the East Beach side of the club frames a spectacular, elevated view of the ocean, including the point. It’s simply picture perfect.

So, are you ready for your close up? These iconic places on Bald Head Island are so spectacular, no one will have to tell you to smile!

The Breathtaking Beaches of Bald Head Island: A Shore Thing

From a vast protected maritime forest to a sprawling tidal marsh, Bald Head Island offers visitors a rich diversity of environments. Scenic vistas and recreational opportunities abound in all areas of the island, but the island’s crowning glory is, undoubtedly, her beaches.

Because the strand is made up entirely of handsome coastal cottages, there are no high-rise buildings or commercial structures to spoil the view. Beaches remain uncrowded, even during summer holiday weekends, giving sunbathers, swimmers, surfers and shell collectors a wide stretch of sand and sea to enjoy.

And because Bald Head Island has beaches that face west, south and east, you can nearly always find one where the breeze and water conditions are just right.

West Beach

The only way to get here is by passenger ferry or private boat, so your first impression of Bald Head Island will undoubtedly be West Beach as your vessel passes through the breakwaters that mark the entrance to the harbor.

West Beach is at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. From here, you can celebrate gorgeous nightly sunsets and get up-close-and-personal views of all types of boats, including huge container ships that are making their way upriver to the Port of Wilmington. The fishing is almost always good on West Beach, and it’s usually an excellent spot for finding driftwood.

South Beach

The longest stretch of shoreline on Bald Head Island faces south.

South Beach runs from where the river turns into the sea, all the way down to the majestic point of Cape Fear. You’ll share this wide expanse with families building sandcastles and jumping waves, as well as those who just want to sit on the sand with a good book or stare out at the ocean in peaceful meditation.

Because dogs are allowed on the beach, and leashes are not required, you may find Spot and Fido living it up along the water’s edge, as well. Owners are simply charged with making sure their dogs are not disruptive to others, or to the environment.

Cape Fear

One of the East Coast’s most recognizable landmarks, the point of Cape Fear is as picturesque as it is powerful.

Venture out ankle-deep and watch the waters merge from two directions, kicking up salt spray and foam that feels as exhilarating as it looks.

Anglers have a lot of success, as well as a blast, surfcasting in these waters, and shell collectors can have a field day at low tide, both along the shore and in the tidal pools that emerge in the area.

East Beach

Rounding the cape, you find yourself on East Beach, another expansive strand that is popular with all types of beach lovers.

Here, early birds savor the uninterrupted view of the sun rising over the ocean, and surfers can often ride a nice little break just offshore. East Beach often offers a fresh breeze that beachgoers find delightful, and water sports of all sorts are in play.

So when you’re on Bald Head Island, don’t just go to one beach, try them all. Each will have its charms at various times of the day, depending on conditions, and you are sure to find your perfect place in the sun.



Labor Day Weekend Events, Excursions and Celebrations on Bald Head Island

It’s hard to believe Labor Day is almost here. On Bald Head Island, we have any number of ways to celebrate summer’s last hurrah. From Fun Sails to Birding Trips, Scavenger Hunts to Sunset Celebrations, the list of family-friendly events is endless. Download a brochure showcasing the entire weekend of activities.

If you haven’t already heard, the Bald Head Island Conservancy is celebrating a record-breaking sea turtle nesting season, with 169 nests laid to date. This beats the previous record by more than 25 nests! Be a part of this exciting season by going on a Conservancy Beach Patrol Ride Along or a Turtle Walk, where you might just get to witness a nest hatching.

Kids’ events are a given on the island, but grownups need their playtime, too, and there are plenty of ways to get it. The Bald Head Island Club offers a Tennis Round Robin, All About Art hosts a Jewelry Trunk Show, and MoJo’s on the Harbor lets you belt it out with Adult Karaoke.

There’s also yummy food and drink to be found at every turn. Come hungry to Nye’s Cream Sandwiches and enter their Ice Cream Eating Contest. Enjoy a lavish Side Porch Oyster Roast at the Maritime Market or bring the whole family to the Pool Party & Buffet Bash at the BHI Club.

Make plans to drop by the Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales Office near the island ferry landing to learn more about Open Houses throughout the island. It’s been a busy summer, and we’d love to share what’s for sale and catch you up on market conditions. Several new homes are available in the Southern Living Inspired Community in Cape Fear Station, too. Download our brochure that includes detailed descriptions, floorplans and renderings. For more information, including pricing, call us at 800-888-3707, email us at salesinternet@bhisland.com, or better yet, stop by our office at 4 Marina Way the next time you’re on the island—we’re open seven days a week.

Whether you’ll be celebrating Labor Day Weekend with us on Bald Head Island, or in some other neck of the woods, we hope you and your family have a safe, fun and relaxing holiday.

What To Wear on Bald Head Island

Planning your Bald Head Island vacation and wondering what to pack? You may want to bring your basics and favorites, but be sure to leave room in your luggage to take back some fashionable finds from the island’s boutiques and shops. They carry an excellent assortment of clothing and accessories, and you’ll be wardrobe ready in no time.


Shop this look at Island Passage, Room Service, Turtle Central, Riverside Adventure Co., and Maritime Market.


If you’re a fan of ‘60s and ‘70s fashion, you can channel your inner flower child with some cutoff jeans over a retro one-piece suit, plus some well-chosen groovy accessories. You’ll want a big, floppy hat and cool shades to help ward off the sun, and a bit of fringe somewhere… or everywhere! Slide into some comfortable shoes and bring along a cotton blanket for the beach.

Shop this look at Riverside Adventure Co., Turtle Central, the Sail Shop, and Island Hardware.



Just because you’re the outdoorsy type doesn’t mean you throw fashion out the window.  Your natural beauty will shine through with a simply chic camisole, drawstring shorts and quick-drying sneaks. Of course, you’ll want your gear bag to be both practical and pretty, and you’ll need a few choice accessories to complete your ready-for-adventure look.


Shop this look at Turtle Central, Coastal Urge, Bald Head Blues, Dockmaster Convenience Store, and Room Service.


Whether you actually set sail or not, you can’t go wrong with a nautical look on Bald Head Island. Classic navy and white stripes are a go-to in island attire, and red accents really make the combination pop. Why not add a touch of gold, such as a square knot bracelet, and be sure your shoes won’t scuff up the deck. The anchor-themed sailcloth tote will quickly become a favorite carryall, even when you head back home.




Kid Bits Series Shows Vacationing on BHI is Child's Play

With no mini-golf outlets, movie theaters or trampoline parks, what’s a kid to do on Bald Head Island? Plenty, and Bald Head Island expert Megan Kelly is host of a video series that shows kids of all ages the ropes.

This video is a compilation of all five episodes, which feature her kid’s-eye-view of the island, with a dab of history and some fun facts thrown in.

She covers some of the island’s favorite traditions and pastimes, including the annual 4th of July golf cart parade and seasonal sunset celebrations, and takes viewers to the various island environments to explore, and engage with, the natural surroundings.

Whether you’re young in years or just young at heart, you’re sure to be inspired by the ideas and images in the videos.








BHI Offers Plenty of Island-wide Amenities

While visiting Bald Head Island, you'll discover the island has a vibrant community, with plenty to offer. From restaurants in the harbor, shops in the forest, and activities island-wide, there are loads of things to do, or not do.

Check out this video to see all the island amenities.




Kid Bits Series, Episode 5: Sunset Celebration

In the final episode, host Megan winds down the season and the Kid Bits series, the way Bald Head Islanders like to wind down the day: by celebrating the sunset.

Megan invites you to join all the frivolity, from face painting to piñatas, from mermaids to pirates. There’s hula hoops and shooting hoops, live music for dancing, and a fun ghost walk for those who dare!

Don’t miss the festivities! See you around the bonfire at beach access 5 on the river!



Kid Bits Series, Episode 4: BHI's True Colors Come Out July 4

If you’re lucky enough to be on Bald Head Island for the 4th of July, don’t miss the annual golf cart parade. To be honest, it would be nearly impossible to miss it!

Check out the full week of 2019 events here. 

Red, white and blue are definitely prominent, but they make room for chartreuse, magenta and fluorescent orange as islanders and visitors decorate their golf carts according to fun and fanciful themes, from earnestly patriotic to wonderfully wacky.

Kid Bits host Megan and guest co-host Caroline give you a glimpse of the shenanigans in this video, but there’s much more to the 4th on BHI than the parade. Be sure to look into all of the activities for islanders of all ages, and join us. May the 4th be with you!



Kid Bits Series, Episode 3: Things To Do Under The Sun

Looking for something fun and out of the ordinary to do on Bald Head Island? Try looking in the acres upon acres of tidal creeks, salt marshes and maritime forest. And definitely take a peek at the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s list of programs.

Kid Bits host Megan gives you some suggestions of programs and activities, with nature being the inspiration for almost all of them, but the actual list of things to do is truly unlimited.

Let us know how you like to pass the time on Bald Head Island.



Kid Bits Series, Episode 2: Let's Hit the Beach!

Host Megan takes viewers on a quick trip to the beaches of Bald Head Island. This one-minute snapshot will get you ready to hit the sand and the waves for everything from swimming and surfing, to boogie boarding and building sand castles.

You’ll also discover her choice for the place to get the best Italian ice on the planet—or at least this side of Rome.

Come on! Surf’s up!



Memorial Day Weekend Fun on Bald Head Island

Summer is right around the corner. What better way to kick it off than a three-day holiday weekend on Bald Head Island? Memorial Day weekend celebrations include parties, kids’ activities, nature events, and more. No matter what your interest, there is something for everyone.

The Bald Head Island Conservancy offers plenty of programs for the entire family, including nature tours, birding expeditions, and even a 5K Turtle Trot. Bring the kids to the Shoals Club for a scavenger hunt, craft hour, beach games or a beach run. The Bald Head Island Club offers tennis events throughout the weekend, and you’ll want to be sure to check out the Club’s incredible new Aquatics Complex, complete with three pools, a splash pad, playground and waterslides. Even the Bald Head Association offers a sand sculpture contest. Archery, sailing, and kayaking are offered throughout the weekend as well.

There are plenty of dining events, too. The Maritime Market presents an oyster roast, the Shoals Club has their Coastal Feast, and the BHI Club has their annual Memorial Day Cookout

The first Sunset Celebration of the season takes during the holiday weekend. This free family-friendly event has music, games, s’ mores and always a few surprises.

For the art enthusiasts, the BHI Artisans Show and Sale and art classes at All About Art are being held. Also, Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales offers open houses all weekend. Stop by the sales office near the ferry landing to pick up a list of homes on tour.

On Monday a traditional Memorial Day Service hosted by the Old Baldy Foundation will be at the Village Chapel, and will honor all branches of the military.

To view a complete list of Memorial Day events, click here.

















Kid Bits Series, Episode I: Vacationing on BHI is Child’s Play

With no mini-golf outlets, movie theaters or trampoline parks, what’s a kid to do on Bald Head Island?

Plenty, and Bald Head Island expert Megan Kelly is host of a video series that shows kids of all ages the ropes.

The first episode introduces her kid’s-eye-view of the island, with a dab of history and fun facts to capture the imagination.

In future episodes, she covers some of the island’s favorite traditions and pastimes, including the annual 4th of July golf cart parade and seasonal sunset celebrations. She also takes viewers to the various island environments to explore, and engage with, the natural surroundings.

Stay tuned for postings of future episodes—five in all. Whether you’re young in years or just young at heart, you’re sure to be inspired by the ideas and images in the videos.